Shards (Excerpt From My Upcoming Book BROKEN PLACES)

I’ve had several requests to share a piece from my next ‘Broken’ book, Broken Places, titled Shards.

If you haven’t read Broken Pieces yet, read a free sample here. It’s currently only in eBook format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but the print version will be out soon from Booktrope. The book is currently ranked #2 on Amazon’s Women’s Poetry list and #5 on Abuse (paid lists).

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Why aren’t you here for me? As I cry alone in the shadows between what I need and what you give, shards emerge, cutting through this glittering fog of lust.

Even the sun and moon fighting for your clear, sea-blue eyes aren’t enough to make you see. Maybe you do. I can never tell.

You hold back, you pull me close, your eyes raging as you enter me, an anger I cannot soothe, a space I cannot fill.

Though I try to be the woman you desire, I realize I never can. Because I already am, and it’s not enough.

Enough for me, I tell myself, gathering my things. You don’t deserve, me.

Feel this? This is my anger at what could have never been. At myself for believing you were enough for me. Knowing fully, with rage-filled goose-bumped clarity, why you aren’t here for me.

Taking your language into my soul, feeling it separate from sentences to words burning with flight, til all I have left are meaningless letters pushing fire through my veins.

Words can draw blood if you’re very, very careful.


So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback. Meanwhile, I’m collecting names for betareaders — want to get the very first copy when it’s ready and give me feedback? Please sign up for my newsletter over there >>>>>> and add ‘betareader’ in your copy. Any questions, let me know! 

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Rachel Thompson aka RachelintheOC is a published author and social media consultant. Her three books, A Walk In The Snark, The Mancode: Exposed and Broken Pieces are all #1 Kindle bestsellers! When not writing, she helps authors and other professionals with branding and social media for her company, BadRedhead Media. She hates walks in the rain, running out of coffee, and coconut.

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  1. Beautiful writing. I look forward to reading Broken Pieces.


  2. It’s powerful. Emotive. Seeps from the pores. I want more …

  3. Powerful, eloquent and raw. Love this…can’t wait to read the new book. xx


  4. Can’t wait to read it, I find your writing relatable. I’ve enjoyed and recommended all of your books.

  5. It’s visceral Rachel. I can see and feel the pain in between the words which makes it compelling and uncomfortable simultaneously.

  6. Hi, Rachel! :)
    I like your writing style ad your choice of metaphors, but what really sets it off is the rapid swap point of view…as analyzed from the protagonist.
    So many times we often lose our own perspective when we try to understand, or analyse, the thoughts and motivations of another. That can be dangerous, as it can pull us in to a place we really do not want to be.
    I am sure that it would be best to accept that we might never know the true thoughts, or true motivations of some people we find ourselves attached to..but it is human nature to ask “Why?”.

    • Thank you, Qntkka :). I appreciate that you picked up on that — it’s certainly my projection to represent both sides, but it’s fun to be devil’s advocate and share different POV. and yes, absolutely, human nature. We are curious if nothing else. :)

  7. Loved reading Shards. Your words pull such emotion from my heart and soul. Cannot wait for the rest of your book, Broken Pieces. As always, you rock. =)

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